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Home > Sun System Parts > NVRAM > Sun NVRAM for Ultra 5/10 (M48T59-70PC1) (p/n 525-1817)

Sun NVRAM for Ultra 5/10 (M48T59-70PC1) (p/n 525-1817)

Sun NVRAM for Ultra 5/10 (M48T59-70PC1)
  • 525-1817, M48T59-70PC1
  • You will need to replace your NVRAM if:
    1.The clock on your Sun has stopped working. When you turn off the machine it loses track of the time and/or complains about invalid TOD when you turn it on.
    2. You get warnings about NVRAM battery being low when you boot the machine but otherwise it works nicely.
    3. ID PROM invalid.
    4.Ethernet address ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff, Host ID 8xxxxxxx
    5.Your Sun is in full-security mode (can't even boot without password) and you don't know the EEPROM password.
  • Component Type 48T59 NVRAM, Socket U13
  • This EPROM is blank and must be programmed.
  • Manufactured by Sun Microsystems
  • New, 90 days warranty
  • Compatible with Sun Ultra 5, Ultra 10.
  • 01/29/2005

Sun NVRAM for Ultra 5/10 (M48T59-70PC1) (p/n 525-1817)
525-1817 M48T59-70PC1$39.98

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