1000Base-SX, with DOM, Extended Temp, 850nm Wavelength, 550M SFP mini-GBIC Optical Transceiver (p/n SFP-GE-S)
10Gb PCI-X Ethernet Adapter w/ Transceiver (p/n X4455A)
10Gb PCI-X Ethernet Adapter, no transceiver (p/n X5544A)
10Gb/sec PCI-X Ethernet Adapter (p/n 501-7036)
10Gb/Sec Short Wave SFP+ Transceiver, Emulex 7023046
10GB/sec XFP Optical Transceiver (p/n X5558A-NIB)
10Gb/sec XFP Optical Transceiver (p/n X5559A)
10Gbps QSFP to QSFP Cable, 3m (p/n 530-4445)
10Gigabit/Sec Dual InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter (p/n X9270A)
10M HSSDC to HSSDC Fibre Channel Cable 3rd party (p/n 530-2951-MX)
10SX Cable
10SX Graphics
10SX Miscellaneous
10SX Power
1100 Series
110Mhz microSPARC II CPU STP1012PGA-110 100-4288
1184 Watt AC Input Power Supply (p/n 300-1480)
1184 Watt AC Input Power Supply (p/n 300-1480-NIB)
12-24GB 4 mm DDS-3 Tape UniPack (p/n 599-2107)
12-Slot SCSI Adapters (p/n 501-1496)
120 Boot PROM
120 Cables
120 Card/Reader
120 Communication
120 Disks
120 Ethernet
120 Fan
120 Fibre Channel
120 Graphics
120 Memory
120 Miscellaneous
120 Power
120 Rack
120 Removable Media
120 SCSI
120 System Board
120.0gb 3.5-inch 7200RPM Ultra ATA/100 Disk Drive (p/n XRAPT1C120G7K)
1200L Series
1200M Series
1200MHz UltraSPARC III Cu Module (p/n 501-6805)
125 Watt DC-DC Converter with Fan (p/n 300-1407)
128 MB Blade Memory Module (p/n MX6179A)
1280 Backplane/Centerplane
1280 Boot PROM
1280 Cables
1280 Card/Reader
1280 Communication
1280 Ethernet

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