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We grant universities, schools and government agencies 30 days terms with a purchase order faxed to 408-588-1236.

1100 Series
1200L Series
1200M Series
1400L Series
1400M Series
1450 Series
2100 R10000
2200 R12000
2400 R10000
2400 R12000
2800 R10000
2800 R12000
Altix 330
Altix 350
Altix 450
Altix 3300
Altix 3700
Altix 3700 BX2
Altix 4700
Altix ICE 8200
Altix XE210
Altix XE240
Altix XE310
A/V Station 540
Challenge L
Challenge M
Challenge S
Challenge XL
Fuel Visual Workstation
Fusion 1200
Fusion 1200M
Fusion 1200X
Graphics Prism
i-Station (R4400, R10000)
Indigo2 High IMPACT (R10000)
Indigo2 IMPACT (R10000)
Indigo2 IMPACT R44000
Indigo2 Maximum IMPACT (R10000)
Indigo2 Solid IMPACT (R10000)
Indy (R5000PC/R5000SC)
IndySTUDIO (R5000SC)
IndySTUDIO Power Indigo Impact 2 (R4400)
IRIS Crimson Series
IRIS Indigo (R3000)
IRIS Indigo (R4000)
IRIS Indigo2 Extreme (R4000)
IRIS Indigo2 Extreme R4400
IRIS Indigo2 Impact (R4000)
IRIS Indigo2 Impact (R4600)
IRIS Indigo2 Impact (R5000)
IRIS Indy (R4000,R4400,R4600)
IRIS Indy (R5000PC)
IRIS Indy (R5000SC)
IRIS Studio (R5000SC)
Modeling Station 320
Modeling Station 540
O2 R5000, R10000, R12000
O2 (RM5200)
O2+ RM7000A
O2+ R12000A
Octane R10000
Octane R12000
Octane2 R12000
Octane2 R12000A
Octane2 R14000A
Octane Visual Workstation (RDRAM)
Onyx 2 InfiniteReality Deskside
Onyx 2 InfiniteReality Dual Rack
Onyx 2 InfiniteReality Rack
Onyx 2 Reality Series
Onyx 2 RealityMonster
Onyx 4 UltimateVision Extreme
Onyx 4 UltimateVision Power
Onyx 4 UltimateVision Team
Onyx 300
Onyx 350
Onyx 3200
Onyx 3400
Onyx 3800
Onyx 3900
Onyx Deskside
Onyx Infinite Reality
Onyx Rack
Onyx Reality Engine2
Origin 200 R10000
Origin 200 R12000
Origin 300
Origin 350
Origin 2000 R10000
Origin 2000 R12000
Origin 3200
Origin 3400
Origin 3800
Origin 3900
Personal IRIS Workstations 4D/20, 4D/25
Personal IRIS Workstations 4D/30, 4D/35
Power Challenge DM
Power Challenge DM (R10000)
Power Challenge L
Power Challenge L (R10000)
Power Challenge XL
Power Challenge XL (R10000)
POWER Indigo 2
POWER Indigo 2 IMPACT (R4400)
POWER Indigo 2 IMPACT (R8000)
Power Onyx Deskside/Rack
Publishing Station 320
Reality Station (R4400, R10000)
Tezro Visual Workstation (Dual Rack Mount)
Tezro Visual Workstation (Single Rack Mount)
Tezro Visual Workstation (Tower)
Visual Workstation 230
Visual Workstation 320 Pentium II
Visual Workstation 320 Pentium III
Visual Workstation 330
Visual Workstation 540
Visual Workstation 550
Visual Workstation Zx10
WebFORCE Origin 200
WebFORCE Origin 2000

Estimated shipping rates for computer memory under 1lb(2 kg) weight:
UPS Ground (USA only) $8UPS 3 Day $12UPS 2 Day $18Fedex overnight $24International Express $24USPS International Priority $10
Rates vary according to weight, distance and value.
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