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Sun Fire V40z Components (A57)

Sun Fire V40z Components
Sun Fire V40z Server Components
  • Hardware Specifications:
  • DVD_ROM: One Slim-line ATAPI DVD-ROM/floppy diskette
  • System Boards: 1 Motherboard 1 optional CPU/Memory Daughterboard with 2 CPUs and 8 memory slots
  • Power Supplies: Dual hot-swap redundant (N+1) 100-240V power supplies, Output 760 watt
  • Disks: Up to 6 hot-swappable Ultra320 SCSI disk drives (36, 73 or 146 GB, 10K RPM)
  • Processor: 2 or 4 (2 on Motherboard, 2 on optional Daughterboard), Architecture AMD Opteron Processor 800 Series 844 (1.8GHz), 848 (2.2GHz), 850 (2.4GHz), 852 (2.6GHz) Cache memory 1 MB Level 2, System Architecture 3 3.2GB/sec HyperTransport Bi-directional Links per processor
  • Main Memory: 4 DIMM slots per processor, for a maximum total of 16 slots, Memory type: DDR1/333 Registered ECC SDRAM DIMMs (512MB - 2GB) Up to 32GB system main memory
  • On board external connectors: Networking; Dual onboard Gigabit Ethernet ports, Networking Management; One dedicated 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet port with integrated two-port switch for daisy-chaining ports, Keyboard and mouse; PS2 keyboard port, PS2 mouse port, PCI-X;4 full-length (133MHz) 64-bit vertical slots (slots 4 through 7) 1 full-length (100MHz) 64-bit vertical slot (slot 3) 1 half-length (100MHz) 64-bit vertical slot (slot 2) 1 half-length (66MHz) 64-bit horizontal slot with riser (slot 1), Serial;Single TIA/EIA-232-F asynchronous RJ45 port, SCSI;Single Channel Ultra320 SCSI interface, internal access only No external SCSI port, USB; Two USB 1.1 ports, one in front, one in the back
  • FCS Date: July 2004
  • Family Part# A57
  • Serial# Location: Back, Below Power Supply.

V40z CPU Module

V40z External Cables

V40z Communication

V40z Disk Drives

V40z Ethernet

V40z Fan

V40z Fibre Channel

V40z I/O

Sun Fire V40z Server (PC2700)
Sun Fire V40z Server (PC2700)

V40z Miscellaneous

V40z Power

V40z Rack

V40z Removable Media

V40z SCSI Cards

V40z System Board

V40z Base

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